Our Mission


Sensing Earth aims to build and encourage respectful relationships with our environment. Herbs and wildflowers are an intrinsic part of a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem. They offer us their therapeutic and preventative qualities, unique tastes and soothing aromas. We believe in caring, compassionate and responsible living, with respect for Earth and all it’s inhabitants.

​Our herb blends are carefully and lovingly handcrafted by choosing plants that complement each other in taste, energetics and therapeutic qualities. In honouring the cyclical nature of Earth, seasonal blends are offered to bring balance to our mind, body and soul through the changing seasons.

Plants have much to offer us in balancing the fast and increasingly destructive pace of modern living. Connecting to herbs in a sensorial way invites moments to slow down and be present. Herbs bring grounding, nourishment, hydration and detoxification, and this gently encourages our physical and emotional being back into balance. Many of our blends strengthen and feed the nervous system, supporting relaxation and restoration.

Each plant in the wild carries a unique quality, taste, smell, aesthetic. As we get to know the plants that grow around us, we are accessing a rich network of allies for wellbeing for ourselves and our community. A connection to our environment is a resource for resilience. Watch this space for blog posts, we'll explore in further depth the plants that grow in the wild, with guidance on how to forage in sustainable and responsible ways.




















Emily's Story

The founder of Sensing Earth is Emily - plant lover, botanical tea mixer and therapeutic artist - who has been exploring herbalism for nine years. Emily has developed an intuitive connection with plants and nature, which has inspired a calling to protect the biodiversity of our environment. Through many years of foraging in the wild, making medicines, volunteering with herb growers, learning about health, healing and studying medicinal herbalism, ecological growing and community engagement, Emily formed her intention to bring herbs and humans together. Emily has a degree in Creative Arts Therapies with Fine Art, and has supported people as a carer in various settings. Mixing herbs to aid wellbeing has blossomed into a passion to connect plants, people and nature through creativity.